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Before you come to Tokyo

Before you come to Tokyo

We strongly recommend that you obtain a basic idea of housing in Tokyo before you come.
Generally speaking, apartments in Tokyo are smaller and more expensive than international standards.

Formula for successful property hunting

How to narrow down a search.

Smaller but newer?
Larger but older?
First of all, it is necessary to establish your priority. Please check the items below and let us know your idea. We will present you with sample properties considering the reality of the market and your ideal.

Decide the budget

Fix your ideal budget and maximum one for a striking property.
If the lease contract is made by your company, check your corporate housing budget.

Analyze your life style

It is necessary to prioritize the conditions below when looking for an apartment.
IWhat comes first?

> Commuting time
> No change of trains
> Walking distance to your office
> Pet available
> Quiet residential area
> Near a large park
> Minimum number of bedrooms

Choose areas

Family or single?
Is a studio apartment acceptable?
Larger living room with less bed rooms?
Do you need a room for study?
Do you need a room for guest?

Consider size and number of bedrooms

Area consulting service by Resident First

Tell us your office location, budget, and ideal number of bedrooms via E-mail.
You will receive our recommended property information in recommended areas within 2 business days of your inquiry.
It enables smoother property hunting after your arrival.