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Basic Services

Guest Relations

Our concierges warmly welcome the guests, offer them any necessary assistance and take messages for you from your guests while you are away.

Conference Room Use

Reservations for Conference Rooms (4 rooms) located on the 13th floor are accepted at the front desk.

Keeping parcels/packages

We will receive parcels/packages delivered to you in your absence and keep them at the front desk.

Executive Lounge Use

Reservations for exclusive use of Executive Lounge located on the 13th floor are accepted at the front desk.

Handing over items to your guest

We will accept and keep your items to be handed over to your guest at the front desk.

Taxi/Chauffeur-driven car arrangement

We will make the necessary arrangement for on-call taxi service. Your taxi will be dispatched to the main entrance located on the first floor. We will also arrange chauffeur-driven car.

Services during long-term absence

During your long-term absence (e.g. home leave, business trip and or occasions,) we will provide the various services, such as keeping parcels/packages, making arrangements to suspend/resume newspaper delivery, forwarding mails/parcels to your designated address (at your expense) and watering the plants, etc.

Information Service

We provide you with information on stores and restaurants located in the Tokyo Midtown, events, transportation timetable, hospitals/emergency room and the administrative offices of the community.

About Payment Method

Fees for the services rendered will be deducted from your designated bank account on a monthly basis.

Services on Demand

Dry Cleaning/Laundry Service

Laundry/Dry cleaning service (drop-off and pick-up at the front desk) is available.

Massage Service

Certified technicians will provide massage service at your place. Acupuncture treatment is also available.

Furniture/Electrical Appliance Leasing

We will arrange furniture/electrial appliance leasing service. Lease term is flexible, ranging from one month to more than two years. You can also purchase the furniture.

House Cleaning

We will arrange house cleaning service. They provide standard cleaning, seasonal deep cleaning or one-time cleaning.

Cleaning Equipment Rental

We will arrange rental service of cleaning equipment, such as mops, etc.

House Keeping

We will arrange house keeping/maid service. Professional maids take care of basic household chores to meet your needs.

Water Server Rental

Tap water dispenser rental service is available. Hot and cold water is available at any time. We will keep water bottles delivered in your absence at the front desk.


We will arrange professional babysitting service to meet all of your needs.

Newspaper Subscriptions

Newspaper subscriptions are available at the front desk. Both morning paper and evening paper will be delivered to your door.

Bulky Waste Disposal

We will make the necessary arrangements to dispose of your bulky waste. Please ask the front desk to pick up your bulky waste.

Car Rental

We will arrange car rental service. Your desired vehicle (imported vehicles are available) will be delivered to the entrance way located on the first floor.

Sale of Goods

Stamps, post cards, light bulbs, water purifier cartridge and other consumable supplies are available for purchase at the front desk.

Car Wash and Gas Filling

Car wash service can be reserved at the front desk. Car wash service provider offers a full line of services to help maintain your vehicles appearance. Gas filling service is also available.

Catering Service

We will arrange the catering service to accommodate you with whatever entertaining needs you may have.

Courier Service (Domestic/Overseas)

We accept properly packed parcels to be sent and make the necessary arrangements at the front desk.

Flower Gift/Green Plants Rental

Flower delivery and green plants rental are available. Flower arrangements for private residences, offices, parties/events are also available.


We can arrange recycling for clothes, accessories, furniture, etc.

Shoe Repair and Polish Service

Bring your shoes to the front desk.

*Service contents and fees are subject to change.
*To use our services, the principal resident will need to enter into the "Service Contract" with Accommodation First Co., Ltd.

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