TYPE:Ar 66.39m2 (20.08T) Design by Fumi Kimura

TYPE:Bl 67.14m2 (20.30T) Design by Kanji Ueki

TYPE:P1 168.56m2 (50.98T) Design by Masuo Fujiwara


TYPE:D 91.18m2 (27.58T) Design by Fumi Kimura

TYPE:E 91.18m2 (27.58T) Design by Masuo Fujiwara

TYPE:G 91.55m2   (27.69T) Design by Kanji Ueki

TYPE:H 97.98m2   (29.63T) Design by Masuo Fujiwara


TYPE:I 98.37m2   (29.75T) Design by Kanji Ueki

TYPE:J 100.82m2 (30.49T) Design by Masuo Fujiwara

TYPE:K 101.42m2   (30.67T) Design by Fumi Kimura


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*Our vacancy retrieval service will show you availability for our units. If you have any further questions please contact us using the online inquiry form for email submission or call our toll free number.

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