The birth of a new community. akasaka Sacas

This residential building exists in harmony with the local area. It is a place where the rolling landscape and abundant trees, characteristic of Akasaka, blend with work, family and leisure. This new complex is designed to be more than just a collection of buildings between which people come and go?rather, it is designed as an organic whole, the components of which resonate with one another.

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Akasaka The Residence

Akasaka The Residence is a 133-unit residence with high-quality, advanced facilities. Although the residence shares its site with a range of such facilities, it offers a quiet living environment, atop a hill surrounded by greenery, with excellent views of the city.
Akasaka Biz Tower

The Akasaka Biz Tower?with its collection of offices, commercial facilities, and direct access to the Akasaka Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line?stands as a new landmark for business, not only in Akasaka but also throughout Japan.
Akasaka Biz Tower SHOPS & DINING

The Akasaka Biz Tower is home to 46 shops, from the underground level to the third floor of the complex. Enjoy gourmet light meals and dinner of your choice among Japanese dishes and a variety of offerings from around the world, as well as boutiques, miscellaneous shops, and convenience stores.
Akasaka ACT Theater

The Akasaka ACT Theater covers the entire spectrum of the performing arts: ballet, musicals, Kabuki, concerts, and more. The theater seats 1,324 on two spacious tiers.
Akasaka BLITZ

The exciting live atmosphere demanded by todayfs audiences is found here, in an all-standing venue. Top Japanese bands and visiting groups perform here with gusto.

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