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¡ Air conditioning   ¡ Intercom   ¡ Electric oven


Ceiling-mounted air conditioners are installed in the living room and all common rooms. The environment within your unit can be checked, and the air conditioner turned on and off, using your cellular phone from outside the unit. When in the unit the air conditioning is operated from a control panel.
*Cellular phones operate the air conditioning in the living and dining rooms only.
*Special instructions apply to operation of the control panel.


The intercom comes with a TV monitor and other security functions. Residents can keep track of visitors when away from the unit. The intercom allows residents to check visitors by video as well as voice at three locations: at the entrance space, the lounge, and at the front door of the unit.


The electric ovens feature built-in cooking programs to enable the resident to make a vast array of outstanding dishes. The oven tray is manufactured especially for ease of cleaning, another plus for the resident.
*Not included with one-bedroom models.

¡ IH hob   ¡ Dishwasher   ¡ Disposal unit

The hob has nine heating levels and a range features. The various features?including sensor switch operation, automatic heating, and operation of safety devices?are all housed in an elegant glass-ceramic enclosure.   Each unit is equipped with a high-quality, energy-efficient Miele dishwasher, color-coordinated with the cabinets. For large living units, large-capacity dishwashers are installed.   Each unit is equipped with a disposal unit that pulps kitchen waste and washes it away with water. Since the waste does not accumulate, the kitchen stays sanitary. The disposal unit is simple to operate, very safe, and environmentally friendly.
¡ Bathroom   ¡ Bathroom ventilation dryer   ¡ Washer and Dryer

Our bathrooms are designed to soothe and calm the occupant. The bathrooms come with Grohe shower heads for a shoulder-to-shoulder rain spray and feature 24-hour ventilation systems.   The multi-functional bathroom ventilation machine provides cooling, heating, ventilation, and drying. The ventilation system circulates air automatically, 24 hours a day. Without even opening a window, fresh air is circulated throughout the unit.   Each unit is equipped with high-performance, programmed, AEG-Electrolux washers and dryers built with form and function in mind. All washing and drying can be done within your unit.
¡ IC card key system   ¡ Disaster Prevention center   ¡ Security cameras

A four-point security system is provided for all residents beginning from the entrance to the entrance hall, lounge to elevator hall, inside the elevator, and at the door of each unit. Unlocking the four-point security system requires the resident to run an IC card over a card reader.   Guards are on hand at the disaster prevention center located on the first floor of the residence. To ensure the safety of residents, security personnel patrol the grounds and are ready to respond to any emergency or unforeseen problem that may occur.   Security cameras are set up in 25 locations throughout the complex: at the entrance, in the first floor elevator hall, in the lounge, in the elevator and in the underground parking facilities. A guard is posted at the first floor disaster center to monitor the security cameras.