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Privacy Statement

Resident First Co., Ltd.

We have established policies toward protecting personal data as listed below, and declare this as our Privacy Statement

I.Fundamental Policy

We, Resident First Co., Ltd., recognize that our custumers' personal data is one of their most important assets, and will take every precaution to ensure the proper and safe management of all personal data by our executives and employees to rigidly adhere to the ordinance, administrative regulations, etc.

II.Management of Personal Data

1. Purpose of utilizing personal data.
We utilize personal data provided by customers for the following purposes:
  • For operation of our real estate agency business and subordinate insurance and etc.
  • For administration and management of real estate transactions and subordinate insurance and etc.
  • For surveys and analysis of clients, product development, etc.
  • As information supplements for advertising and printed mailing lists of our properties
  • As information supplements to describe product services of each Mitsui Fudosan Group company in regards to clients' lifestyles, living environment and leisure activities.
    2. Each Mitsui Fudosan Group company is a subsidiary of Mitsui Fudosan and related companies that are mentioned in Mitsui Fudosan's annual security report.
  • Personal data is supplied to a third party and insurance agent to the extent necessary to conduct A) and B).

2. Supplying Personal Data to a Third Party
Customers' personal data can be provided to a third party based on the law and also for achieving the purpose of 1- A) and B) to the extent necessary in writing, or by mailing, telephone, e-mail, advertising media include internet etc. The offering of information to a third party will be suspended if requested by the client.
Parties to be informed of personal data (illustration)
  • The holder and business agent of the property holder where the client lives.
  • A conveyer and expected conveyer of the property where the client lives.
  • Service providers (construction, etc.) to the property where the client lives.
  • Designated distribution systems
  • Other real estate brokers
  • Internet advertising brokers
  • Judicial scrivener and registered land and building investigators for registrations, etc.
  • Financial institutions for financing
  • Management companies for real estate-management
  • Agents for insurance

3. Indirect acquisition of personal data
We acquire personal data on property holders, users, expected holders, and involved parties from the public displays in buildings, from real estate databases, as well as from the presentation and mediation of information from our related companies. This information may be used for our promotional activities.

4. Outsourcing the management of personal data
We may outsource the management of clients' personal data. In this case we attempt to protect the personal data by selecting people who take appropriate measures to protect the information and provide proper supervision of the outsourced information.

5. Contact for disclosures, corrections and the suspension of personal data
  • Method for requiring personal data disclosures and corrections.
    In case of a request to disclose or correct (changes, additions and deletions), suspend utilization, cancel and suspend offers to a third party, please fill out the prescribed form after downloading it from our homepage, and submit the form to us with a copy of identification (driver's license, health insurance card or passport, etc.) by mail (customer bears postal expense) or deliver it in person. Responses to requests will be carried out in writing, however, it might require time to search and verify the personal data. A fee must be paid when requesting a disclosure (no charge for correction, etc.) Please see our homepage for details.
    Details for method of personal data disclosure
  • Contacts
    Please contact the following customer center for any general questions about personal data.
    • Business Promotion Section,
    • Resident First Co., Ltd.
    • Aoyama Tower Place, 4F
    • 4-14 Akasaka 8-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
    • Tel: 03-5772-9927
    • Office hours: 9:30 - 17:30 except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (including New Years and Summer Holidays.)

III.Efforts to protect personal data

1. Strict and proper management of personal data
  • Clients' personal data will be managed strictly and properly. Appropriate management measures will be taken to protect unauthorized access, manipulation, leakages and loss of personal data.
  • Based on administrative regulations, all executives and staff members will be instructed to ensure a thorough understanding of this statement and regulations. Furthermore, appropriate supervision will be carried out.
  • A crisis management system will be prepared to rapidly and accurately deal with any unforeseen delays such as leakages, etc. of personal data.

2. Administration system to protect personal data
  • The following are our managers of Protect Personal Data.
    • Daisuke Kobayashi
    • Director of Business Promotion
    • Manager of Personal Data Protection
    • Resident First Co., Ltd.
  • A chief from each section will be a Manager of Personal Data Protection, and will be trained to protect clients' data in each section.
  • Inside supervision will be carried out, whether it strictly adheres to the linked ordinance and administrative regulations to protect our clients' personal data or not, by selecting an Observation Manager of Personal Data Protection.

3. Revision of this principle
Inside supervision will be carried out, whether it strictly adheres to the linked ordinance and administrative regulations to protect our clients' personal data or not, by selecting an Observation Manager of Personal Data Protection.